Newcomers and All

So KMM 2015 is over. Packed, sterilized, and organized for next year. We did not have several members from last year. Sludge Line Minion and The Sludge Line Queen. However the Autoclave Master and Sludge Line Barbie did return. Newcomers included Sludge Line Skywalker and Sludge Kit-Kat. Kit-Kat learned how to operate everything except the autoclaves and was very efficient in her debut as a Sludger. Skywalker was a very efficient backup as Day Two, he was a hygienist assistant. He came back after coming down with a bug, or so reported by Skywalker.

It was a slow year, this year, and many mouths got the work they needed. Without the sterilization crew, with the help of Lenny and Bob, this trip would have been a total disaster. Of course not all was bleak and glum and soon the air was filled with the “Sound of Music,” ha-ha not really just music. Sorry, got a little carried away. Back to the present now, gloves made the perfect balloons and soon happy children were filled with kittens and kats, yeah yeah I said that wrong – who cares? But I enjoyed making glove balloons with the team.

Bowling was a little crazy this year. A better year for the Autoclave Master, who won a game by one point. It was still a lot of fun. Including a turned-around-behind-the-back-through-the-legs strike as well as 7 pins knocked down with a 5-fingered bowling ball. Yikes! It was still a fun trip and our Facebook and Twitter accounts will be chocked full of pictures. Thanks to the Autoclave Master, as well as several others who contributed.

Please be praying for the strength in our team, even though this is all just fun, there is a sinful world we must reach and our team must remain strong in their walk in Christ. This may be your laugh as you hear the sterilization part. But lives were touched, mouths were cleaned, and children laughed on this trip. Thanks to all who contributed to this trip and everybody who went on. Thanks and we will post soon.

Getting Ready

That’s right. We are getting ready for another trip to Kentucky. With the absence of the Sludge Queen, and Sludge Minion, Auto Clave Master will be leading the team along with Barbie Doll. A very different team will be going as only 23 people have signed up. All good in the end though. Of course regulars will be coming back and new faces. With a new youth in the mix, energy will be bountiful. Pray for us as we will leave Friday. From The Sludge Line Team: Sludge Queen(Samara), Sludge Minion(Jim), Barbie Doll(Barbie), and the Auto Clave Master(Josh), see ya in Kentucky!


Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

We are now one month past the founding of KMM Sludge Line Crew.
I hope everyone is geared for the holidays and ready for the massive Black Friday shopping spree.
I hope everyone will be polite and safe during that time next week.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

The KMM Sludge Line Crew

KMM Sludge Line Blog

October 17th

So we are in our 1 week anniversary of the eleventh KMM Trip since 2004. This one had to be the best. Great food, great people, great times, great pictures, lots of laughs, and yes great bowling scores.

The last day of KMM, we went bowling that night. The teams were boys versus girls. On the boys it was Gary(Court Jester), Sludge Minion, and Auto Clave Master. The girls included Lydia(Candy), Rachel(Chairside Rodeo), and Sludge Queen.

With 2 old geezers and Auto Clave Master, it was expected to be a blowout to the girls winning. It was close. In an effort to make it close, a 130 point game by Minion and a 122 point game from Sludge Queen decided the game the girls won 179-171. Chairside Rodeo beat out Auto Clave Master 89-86 and Candy beat out Court Jester 61-55.

In the first game, which the scores did not count as a practice match, Josh and Candy each had interesting frames, all in the 8th. Josh bowled a gutter ball and looked as though no pins would get knocked down. Fate changed and the ball hit the wall, bounced into play, and knocked over 3 pins. He had a spare in the next bowl knocking down 7 pins. Candy had a similar bowl but her ball knocked over 7 pins. She knocked over only 2 on the next bowl. In the 9th, Candy did not do well getting 7 then knocking down 1 as she finished with 54 points in the practice match. Auto Clave master had a strike, 8 pins knocked down, and then a spare to bring his total points to 101 in the practice match.

Bowling was most definitely one of the highlights of the trip. Join us next year.

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KMM Sludge Line Blog

October 16th

So we are back in Virginia. We arrived late Tuesday night after an amazing trip to the Appalachian valley. Every year, Timothy Stevic organizes a mission trip to minister to the people of Kentucky. In a little camp called Youth Haven Bible Camp, we use their gym to set up a temporary dential clinic. Each year we see on average about 150 patients in 3 days. The way this works is, the patients are let in through the door, a piece of paper is handed to the soon-to-be-patients asking for information about them. They are led to a table where evangalists talk to them about spiritual life. The next is triage where the patients are checked out to see what they need done on their teeth. Hygeine is next where the patients get a cleaning, get their teeth brushed, and tips about how to get their teeth to stay healthy. If needed, dental work is provided as well as surgery where every year we have 5 people who get their entire mouth emptied out. Now comes the fun part. The sludge line. The assistants bring trays from the dentists, hygentists, and extractionists with instruments and other various tools. They all go through bleach, dishwashing soap, and finally they are rinsed. A team member is most likely washing it all, another packages up the instruments and puts them in the auto-clave. The auto-clave steams the instruments, then another team member dumps the pan of instruments on a towel to be sorted by another member. During the lunch hour, two team members leave for lunch then replace the other two. Thats how we did it. This year was unusally slow, so we got a little crazy. We made a song, a Pledge of Alliegence, and a Welcome Sheet. So we even have a Twitter page, KMM Sludge Line Crew.

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